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Where are our therapists seeing patients?
Is there a waiting list for new patients?
How does in-clinic physical therapy enhance my recovery?
How are exercises prescribed to me by our therapists?


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Is physical therapy covered by insurance?
Do I need a prescription (referral) to see a therapist at our clinic?
How much is a physical therapy session at our clinic?
Does Medicare cover in-clinic physical therapy?

Our Physical Therapists(3)

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Who are our physical therapists?
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Can I see the same physical therapist every session?

General Questions About PT(3)

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Do you accept insurance?
Currently, I accept Medicare. I do not accept any other insurances at this time. As a concierge Doctor of Physical Therapy, to provide the highest quality of care possible, accepting limited insurances allows me to maintain this standard. For other insurances, we are considered out of network.
Is concierge Physical therapy expensive?
How do patients save time and money with concierge therapy?
How much does physical therapy cost without insurance in Florida?
Can I see a physical therapist without referral in Florida?
How much does the average person spend on physical therapy?

Questions For Us (3)

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Can you do adjustments?
Yes, our doctors us a non-aggressive approach to postural and spinal adjustments. We utilize pro-adjustor methods which involves light mobilizations on the spine to correct spinal issues. In addition to a series of postural movements to then help stabilize the spine and hips.
How long are the sessions?
What is your typical process of working with new clients?